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Walker's Journey: A Return to Faith and Football

Walker used to go to church when he was growing up. However, he had quit attending for years.

Walker has children, but the mother of his children abandoned him and the children for another man. It was during this desperate time in his life that he went to the field where Manolo was giving devotionals and conducting soccer practices. Walker would hang out around the training but would not participate. Then, after a couple days he approached Manolo and asked him if he could join, just to train. Manolo told him, “Yes, you are welcome, but you just need to listen while we’re doing the devotional.” Walker agreed to it.

He continued participating in the trainings and soon he became part of the team. He told Manolo, “I want to play for Quechua FC in the Copa Peru tournament.” And Manolo said, “Ok, lets do it!” EQ accepted him to become a part of the team.

God began working in Walker’s heart when he started attending practices and playing for EQ’s team. He started going back to church and has become committed to that church. His reason for going back to church was he felt that he needed to be with Jesus. Walker already knew the Gospel, but he reconciled to a church. Not only is Walker in church, but he takes his children with him and now he is also helping in his church. He’s committed. Walker is one of our best players this season in the tournament, but best of all, he’s back in the body of Christ.

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