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Our Mission & Vision

Empowering Quechuas works to meet the physical and spiritual needs of Peru’s Quechua people, as well as other indigenous people groups. Through tools such as education, counseling, sports programs, and technical training, we strive to give a hand up out of poverty in order for Quechuas to make the most of the resources and talents they have been granted. While this meets a physical need, our true and ultimate purpose is to give the Quechua people—and other indigenous groups—access to the Gospel. We believe that a soul’s eternal destination is more important than one’s living situation during a limited time on earth. We are focused on providing what is lacking, both spiritually and physically. This is our calling. 


Descendants of the mighty Incas, the Quechua Indians are noble people who take pride in their identity. However, they are often overlooked by modern Peruvian society due to the assumption that they are uneducated, or too primitive to contribute to modern civilization. They are capable and hardworking people but lack the capital, training, and education needed to improve their standard of living and to prosper in all areas of life—as is the case with hundreds of indigenous groups throughout South America.

We believe that our two approaches (meeting physical and spiritual needs) work in conjunction with each other—creating an environment for people to be moved and touched by the gospel. We endeavor not to solely distribute materials and proclaim the Gospel to these people, but to follow through with friendship and counseling, to answer questions, and to take the time necessary to make sure they understand the gravity of Jesus’s sacrifice and the power of His resurrection (2 Corinthians 5:17). Our goal is to turn those new believers into disciples, then leaders who bravely reform their churches, introduce others to Christ, and are equipped to grow on their own—under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. These disciples will be on the frontlines of breaking unhealthy cycles in their communities, and transforming every aspect of everyday life through the discernment of the Holy Spirit (Romans 12:2), thereby pushing back spiritual darkness wherever God leads them.


Empowering Quechuas will accomplish these goals through youth soccer clubs (Quechua Fútbol Club), English classes (Evangelistic English), Technical Training, and Adventure Ministry, each of which is always paired with Gospel presentations and Bible teachings. We will constantly seek to adapt our methods of ministry to the ever-changing confines of culture, and to whatever people-group we are capable of reaching—all while adhering unapologetically to the unchanging Gospel.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does a typical day look like for you?

Our days vary widely based on where we are. A typical day in Ayacucho often includes a workshop geared towards spiritual training, community development in surrounding villages, or a day with our soccer club in Paccpapata. A day in Tarapoto means visiting one of our seven soccer teams in the region and checking up with coaches and local contacts, or teaching English at one of our two major partner churches. A day in Lima is mostly catching up on online administrative work (editing photos / videos, updating social media, working on budgets, writing reports), shopping downtown for soccer

supplies, meeting with potential volunteers, and doing non-profit and soccer academy paperwork. 

Do you work primarily with Quechua speakers or Spanish speakers?

In our Ayacucho activities, most participants speak Quechua as their first language, but also understand Spanish. Sometimes we employ translators to help us communicate clearly. In the San Martin region, we work mostly with youth whose parents speak Quechua, but didn’t teach their children. These youth still have a strong Quechua identity and cultural heritage, but they claim Spanish as their "heart language," so we work with them in Spanish.

What cities / regions do you work in?

Ayacucho and Tarapoto are our main ministry hubs, and we work in multiple villages in the surrounding area. We also have partner churches in Huaraz and Apurímac.

How are you funded?

We are funded entirely by donors—made up of individuals and churches—who believe in our vision and feel called to help us achieve it. Some give monthly, and some on a project-by-project basis. Through these donations, God provides the funding we need to do the projects He puts on our hearts.

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What are your biggest needs?

We need a field for our Tarapoto ministry center, as the surrounding academies are quickly outgrowing their community fields. We are always looking for financial partners, short-term volunteers, and faithful prayer supporters as well!

How can I volunteer?

Empowering Quechuas has lots of options for volunteer work. You can intern in the field of teaching English, coaching soccer, or working with children and youth. You also can come with a short-term team for a 7-10 day volunteer trip. Or you can work on administrative tasks like translation and content creation right from your home!

How can I pray for you?

  • Pray that doors will be opened for us to expand our ministries into more communities.

  • Pray that every Gospel presentation or discipleship activity will be met with open hearts.

  • Pray for spiritual stamina for our long-term workers, soccer coaches, and volunteers.

How can I make a gift to Empowering Quechuas?

You can make a gift through PayPal, or by mailing a check to Empowering Quechuas at 536 Flippin Rd, Lebanon, Tennesee 37087. We can also help you set up a wire transfer, if that’s more convenient.

What denomination is your organization?

We are not directly affiliated with any individual denomination. If you’d like to know the specifics of what we believe, we would love to share our statement of faith with you.

What are your goals within the next year?

In 2021 and 2022, we would like to host another technical training geared towards women. We plan to host more try outs to give our soccer players more exposure to professional scouts. We have invitations to open Quechua FC in two new regions. Soon, we will launch a youth leadership training program to help equip our partner churches to disciple new believers.

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