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Adventure Ministry in Huaraz

EQ's collaboration with Codelcity Church in the Huaraz region for the adventure ministry remains steadfast. One remarkable aspect of this partnership is the church's inventive approach to ensuring a warm welcome for all visitors. This ethos extends not only to first-time attendees but to every visitor they receive. Despite their location slightly distanced from downtown, the church's magnetic charm transcends its physical boundaries. Their outreach endeavors reach people directly in their own spaces, tapping into their interests, like hiking.

Under the leadership of Loayda, who spearheads the Adventure Ministry in this region, we are excited to share that their second hiking trip took place this July. In this outing, Loayda organized a group of four enthusiastic hikers. Their shared love for hiking provided a platform for meaningful engagement, allowing them to partake in a devotional message during the hike. Please pray for her and for the local church there as we continue using this passion of hiking to spread the gospel.


Meet Loayda, a young Quechua woman and a valued member of our team at one of the churches in Huaraz, a mountainous region of Peru. Her life journey has taken a turn similar to the twists and turns we all experience—she discovered her fervent interest during a challenging period, and now it's blossoming into a meaningful ministry.

At EQ, witnessing local leaders like Loayda who hold such profound passion is truly heartening. We don't simply confine our efforts to offering prayers; we actively engage to facilitate the development of their unique calling.

Loayda emanates a down-to-earth persona and possesses a deep affection for the Lord and His creations. It's an esteemed privilege for us to contribute to Loayda's journey and provide support as she combines her spiritual devotion with her passion for the outdoors during these hiking escapades.

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